Why You Should Not Cross Your Legs in a Car

A man adjusts the positioning of his driver's seat

Vehicle safety features improve every year, but the number of injuries and deaths from car collisions are not dropping. Experts think that driving behavior is the problem. Safe driving habits can prevent a lot of accidents, but what is you are not the driver? How can you stay safe as a passenger? The good news…

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3 Reasons Why You Need a Dashcam in Maryland

A man positions a dashcam on the passenger side of the windshield

Dashboard cameras, known colloquially as “dashcams,” record video when you turn on your car, or when there’s movement near your car. Many Maryland drivers use dashcams to protect their rights and prevent liability in the event of an auto collision, an encounter with law enforcement, or another incident on the road. Below, we explore Maryland’s…

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Maryland Distracted Driving Accidents

Driver holds cell phone in hand while driving

Anyone who has driven in the streets of Baltimore County, Baltimore City, its surrounding highways, and our country backroads knows there is a lot more going on behind the wheel besides simply driving. Distracted driving in Maryland and throughout the U.S. has become as much a threat to public safety as drunk driving. And while…

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What Happens if the Driver Who Caused the Car Accident Dies?

Auto Accident in the city at night

Maryland law allows car accident survivors to claim compensation from the at-fault driver. This is because Maryland is a fault-accident state. So, the negligent driver bears the losses of an accident. If the at-fault driver dies following the car accident, you would usually be able to pursue the same recovery options as in cases where…

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Maryland Is a Diminished Value State

Auto body repair

Since Maryland is a diminished value state, you may be entitled to a diminished value recovery. In other words, the law may give you the right to be compensated for the loss of value of the vehicle caused by diminution in value in addition to the costs associated with the repairs to your vehicle. Most…

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Intricacies of Commercial Truck Accident Claims

Commercial Truck accident

Thousands of vehicle accident occur every day, often without the need for an attorney to handle the insurance claims. While it can be beneficial to have an attorney for any serious injury accident, one of times you need legal expertise is when you are injured in an accident involving a commercial truck. It can be…

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