Maryland Is a Diminished Value State

Auto body repair

Since Maryland is a diminished value state, you may be entitled to a diminished value recovery. In other words, the law may give you the right to be compensated for the loss of value of the vehicle caused by diminution in value in addition to the costs associated with the repairs to your vehicle. Most…

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Intricacies of Commercial Truck Accident Claims

Commercial Truck accident

Thousands of vehicle accident occur every day, often without the need for an attorney to handle the insurance claims. While it can be beneficial to have an attorney for any serious injury accident, one of times you need legal expertise is when you are injured in an accident involving a commercial truck. It can be…

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Left Turn Accidents and Collisions in Baltimore, Maryland

Vehicle with left turn signal on

Left-turn collisions occur when a car, truck, motorcycle, or ride share vehicles initiates a left turn in front of an oncoming driver. For obvious reasons, these accidents primarily happen at intersections. Left turn accidents usually occur when one driver is trying to pass another vehicle that is waiting for oncoming traffic, is driving into an…

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Finding an Experienced Car Accident Attorney

Not all car crashes are the same. Some are much more destructive than others, both for the vehicles and the passengers within them. In major car accidents, it can seem like an obvious choice to seek the help of an attorney, mostly due to the significant medical bills and physical injuries that can result. In…

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Will My Insurance Premiums Increase if I Use My PIP Coverage?

Toy car driving up stacks of coins

PIP, which stands for personal injury protection, is an extra coverage that people elect and pay for in their insurance premiums monthly. PIP is a no-fault coverage that helps pay your medical bills and lost wages regardless of who was at fault for the accident. When clients hire us, we explain the PIP process and…

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8 Auto Accident Settlement Negotiation Tips

Insurance adjuster reviewing damaged vehicle

Insurance companies will often pressure you to settle quickly. Do not settle immediately. It is never in your best interest to settle quickly. Insurance providers will try to settle fast with you in an attempt to keep their costs low and profits high. A qualified car accident lawyer is the best front-line defense and tool…

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