What To Do if You Have an Accident Involving a Rental Car

A woman takes a photo with cell phone of a damaged car

If you were hurt in a car accident involving a rental car, you probably have a lot of questions about what to do next. Picking up the pieces after a collision is always a stressful and overwhelming experience, and the situation is complicated by the fact that one of the vehicles was not owned by…

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Should You Accept the First Lowball Settlement Offer?

An auto accident victim and an insurance adjuster look at a damaged vehicle

One of the most frequently asked questions we get about auto accident injury first offer settlements is should I accept my insurance companies first lowball offer to settle? The quick answer is NO! Unless you simply want to receive the lowest possible amount from your insurance company, you should not accept the first settlement offer…

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Wrong-Way Driving Accidents in Baltimore

A wrong way sign on an interstate

Wrong-way driver accidents are a terrifying experience. While driving down a one-way highway or street, you see another vehicle heading straight toward you. You may try to swerve, but there is little you can do to avoid the wrong-way accident. The accident victim and family must somehow find a way to recover. At the Law…

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Common Leg Injuries Caused by Car Accidents

Man holding injured leg after auto accident

A car collision can be terrifying for many reasons. When someone else crashes into your vehicle, it can result in a ripple effect. Your legs can strike against the interior of your vehicle, or be struck by flying objects. Ultimately, car wrecks can be painful and expensive. If you sustain a leg injury, you might…

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Why You Should Not Cross Your Legs in a Car

A man adjusts the positioning of his driver's seat

Vehicle safety features improve every year, but the number of injuries and deaths from car collisions are not dropping. Experts think that driving behavior is the problem. Safe driving habits can prevent a lot of accidents, but what is you are not the driver? How can you stay safe as a passenger? The good news…

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3 Reasons Why You Need a Dashcam in Maryland

A man positions a dashcam on the passenger side of the windshield

Dashboard cameras, known colloquially as “dashcams,” record video when you turn on your car, or when there’s movement near your car. Many Maryland drivers use dashcams to protect their rights and prevent liability in the event of an auto collision, an encounter with law enforcement, or another incident on the road. Below, we explore Maryland’s…

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