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Everyone knows that feeling of dread when the flashing lights of a police cruiser pull up behind them on the highway. Whether you’ve been penalized for a minor speeding infraction or a more serious offense like driving without a license, the Law Offices of Larry B. Litt have the legal knowledge and practical expertise necessary to get your life back on track after a traffic offense.

Do I Need Help From A Maryland Traffic Attorney?

Most people view traffic tickets as minor inconveniences, choosing to pay the fines and move on rather than fighting the charges in court. Over time, however a problematic driving record can seriously impact your livelihood. If you have accrued multiple traffic violations in the past few years, you can’t afford not to fight. Most of the traffic infractions that we handle fall under one of these four categories:

  • Reckless driving, which is defined under Maryland traffic law as deliberately operating a motor vehicle without regard to safety. This broad category includes negligent driving, aggressive driving, and fleeing the police in a motor vehicle.
  • Exceeding the speed limit, which can accrue 1 to 5 points on your driving record and a fine between $90 and $530.
  • Driving without a license, or with a suspended or revoked license.
  • Driving without documented insurance.

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In Trouble? We Can Help

Because a DUI violation can so severely impact your life, some people go to dangerous lengths to dodge its penalties. Many of our clients come to us because of a violation of Maryland’s strict “blow and go” laws. If you ask someone else to blow into your ignition interlock device, or drive someone else’s car, then you can be severely penalized. Sometimes consuming even a small amount of alcohol in the evening can cause you to blow a 0.1 the next day.

Beyond criminal penalties, points on your driving record can also lead to long-lasting financial consequences. Car insurance premiums often skyrocket after a traffic violation, increasing your monthly expenses and potentially jeopardizing your financial security. In some cases, the state may try to revoke your driver’s license. Even multiple minor infractions can quickly accumulate points and trigger an automatic suspension. For drivers with a commercial license, the stakes are even higher: a traffic conviction can strip you of your license and source of income.

We can help you with ALL of these traffic law problems and more. Don’t take the risk of having your life changed forever. Let us help.

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