Rollover Car and Truck Accidents in Baltimore

There are millions of drivers on the roads in the state of Maryland. This is one of the factors that make car accidents a very common occurrence. One of the most potentially dangerous types of car accidents that may occur is a rollover accident. This occurs when a vehicle flips either side over side or end over end. Rollover crashes on Maryland roadways are rarely minor. When your vehicle collides with another vehicle or with an object, it can be terrifying and the damage and injuries can be extensive. In some situations, the car collision may escalate into a rollover accident. Understandably, this is a mentally traumatic experience for any victims and can also result in extensive traumatic physical injuries. The injuries sustained by victims in a rollover accident can often be severe, including broken bones, paralysis, traumatic brain injury, and spinal cord injury, or even a wrongful death. If you or a family member has been involved in this type of car collision, you need to be represented by an experienced Baltimore rollover accident attorney who is dedicated to getting you the results you need. Trust our firm to be that for you.

The aftermath of a Baltimore rollover car accident can be chaotic. Often, a vehicle will be totaled and injury victims will need to be transported in an ambulance for emergency care. Some accident victims will deal with their accident-related injuries for months or even years following a rollover collision, not to mention the financial losses they incur with losing a lot of time from work, and having to pay expensive medical bills.

Common Causes of Rollover Accidents

Although some vehicles are more likely to experienced a rollover, any car or truck can turn over under the right circumstances, which include:

  • Speeding makes it harder to come to a stop and increases the risk of losing control of the vehicle. In rollovers, speed is responsible for about 40 percent of accidents in Maryland.
  • Defective tires or brakes can lead to a rollover. A tire blowout at highway speeds can cause the driver to attempt an emergency maneuver, leading to a rollover. Defective brakes or steering can also cause this dangerous type of accident when the vehicle hits another car or object. 
  • Distracted driving is a potential cause of a vehicle overturning. The vehicle of a motorist who is texting travels about the length of a football field in under five seconds at 55 mph. When the driver spots a potential collision coming up, they may try to hard brake or make an emergency maneuver to get out of the way. This can overbalance the vehicle and make it roll. 
  • Improperly balancing a load or overloading a vehicle can cause it to roll. The strain placed on the vehicle’s tires increases the problem of maneuvering. In top-heavy vehicles, the balance can shift, resulting in a rollover. 
  • Fatigue can cause a vehicle to overturn if the driver drops off to sleep or drifts over the centerline and collides head-on with another vehicle. 

Rollover Accidents and Defective Auto Parts

Many people often mistakenly blame drivers for causing rollover accidents. It is true that reckless drivers can make mistakes resulting in a rollover crash. But all too often, drivers do nothing wrong to cause the vehicle rollover. Defective car parts can cause such accidents in only a moment’s notice. That is why auto companies like Toyota and Ford have recalled thousands of vehicles in recent years due to SUV rollover accidents. Some examples of auto defects that commonly cause rollover accident include:

  • Brake failure
  • Sudden unintended acceleration
  • Power steering failure
  • Tire failure
  • Vehicles with a high center of gravity

Other automotive defects that may not have caused the rollover accident could lead to injuries or increased severity of injuries that would have otherwise been avoided. 

Environmental Factors Contributing to Truck Rollover Accidents

Road Conditions

Curves and slopes – Sharp curves and steep slopes on the road can be challenging for truck drivers to navigate. Trucks that take curves too quickly or fail to adjust their speed on slopes are at a higher risk of rolling over. 

Road surface and debris – Slippery Road surfaces caused by rain, snow, or ice can reduce the traction between a truck’s tires and the road, increasing the likelihood of a rollover accident. Additionally, debris on the road can cause a truck driver to lose control of the vehicle, potentially resulting in a rollover. 

Weather conditions – Severe weather conditions such as high winds, heavy rain, or fog can significantly impact a truck driver’s ability to control their vehicle. In such circumstances, the risk of a rollover accident is heightened. 

Human Factors in Car and Truck Rollover Accidents

Driver error -Speeding and Aggressive Driving – Excessive speed and aggressive driving behaviors, such as tailgating or abrupt lane changes, can lead to a loss of control over the car or truck and increase the risk of a rollover accident. 

Distracted Driving – Distracted driving, such as using a phone, eating, or adjusting the radio, can cause a driver to lose focus on the road and make mistakes that result in a rollover accident. 

Fatigue – Hours of service regulations – Truck drivers are subject to strict hours of service regulations to prevent fatigue-related accidents. These regulations dictate how long a driver can be on the road before they must take a break or rest. Unfortunately, some drivers or trucking companies may ignore these rules, leading to fatigued drivers and a higher risk of rollover accidents. 

Sleep Apnea and other sleep disorders – Sleep apnea and other sleep disorders can severely impact a truck driver’s ability to stay alert on the road. Without proper treatment, these conditions can lead to drowsiness and decreased reaction times, increasing the likelihood of a rollover accident. Is an Insurance Company Unfairly Delaying or Avoiding Payments? We Are Here to Help!

Preventative Measures to Reduce Truck Rollover Accidents

Regular Vehicle Inspections and Maintenance – Routine inspections and maintenance can help identify and address potential issues with a truck’s suspension, brakes, and tires before they become dangerous. Properly maintained trucks are less likely to experience rollovers. 

Proper Loading and Securement of Cargo – Trucking companies and drivers should ensure that cargo is evenly distributed and securely fastened within the truck. This can help maintain stability and prevent cargo from shifting during transit, which can cause a truck to roll over. 

Driver Training and Awareness – Truck drivers should receive comprehensive training on safe driving practices, including proper handling of curves and slopes, adjusting to different road conditions, and adhering to hours-of-service regulations. By staying informed and aware of the potential risks, truck drivers can significantly reduce the likelihood of a rollover accident.

Car and Truck Rollover Accident Evidence

To win compensation for your car or truck rollover accident, you must prove that the rollover resulted from another party’s careless, reckless, or wrongful behavior. You must also show that the crash caused you financial losses and pain and suffering. Evidence in a car or truck rollover accident case may include the following:

  • Police reports
  • Eyewitness accounts
  • Cell phone, surveillance, or dashcam footage
  • Photographs of the accident scene
  • Crash debris
  • If a truck is involved; the truck’s “black box” data recorder
  • The truck driver’s logs
  • Alcohol and drug test results
  • Truck maintenance and inspection records
  • Testimony from a crash reconstructionist, doctors, and other relevant case experts
  • Medical records
  • Pay stubs, receipts, bills, estimates, and other proof of your losses

Do You Need a Baltimore Injury Attorney to Handle Your Car or Truck Rollover Accident Case?

Car and truck accident cases can be complex because they often involve severe injuries and significant damages. In addition, victims must go up against big insurance companies and commercial trucking companies (and their lawyers). It may benefit you to work with a personal injury attorney who can protect your rights and advocate for your best interests. Our legal team has decades of experience and can:

  • Investigate your car or truck rollover accident and prove liability for your losses
  • Manage case details, including communications, paperwork, and deadlines
  • Aggressively negotiate for the maximum compensation possible
  • Represent you at trial if necessary
  • Keep you informed with frequent and timely updates

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Truck rollover accidents can have severe and lasting consequences for all parties involved. By understanding the various factors that contribute to these accidents, such as vehicle design, road conditions, and driver behavior, we can work towards reducing their occurrence and ensuring the safety of all road users. 

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