Protect Yourself When Insurance Companies Dispute Your Personal Injury Claim in Maryland

Dealing with insurance companies in the aftermath of a personal injury car crash can be a daunting task, particularly in Maryland where the laws and procedures surrounding personal injury claims can be complex. From understanding the language in an insurance policy to deciphering the tactics used by insurance adjusters, navigating the insurance landscape can be quite challenging. This becomes more critical when you are dealing with the medical expenses, lost wages, and physical and emotional trauma that can come along with an auto collision.

As soon as an insurance company finds out that you were in a car accident in Maryland, their insurance adjuster will probably spring into action. They do this because the things that happen early in the case will often make or break the case. Remember, the insurance adjuster’s main job is to make sure that they pay you as little as they can get away with. There are a lot of things you should not say and mistakes that you can make early on which will hurt your case.

Insurance companies are businesses like any other in that their goal is to maximize profits. The less money an insurer must pay out, the greater their bottom line. Although there are laws in place to prevent insurance providers from acting in bad faith, there are still some tactics within the law an insurance adjuster may try to employ to deny a claim or reduce its value.

The insurance company will probably be calling you to try and get a recorded statement from you. It might seem like they are just trying to find out what happened in the car crash, but do not be fooled. It is rarely that simple. They will ask a lot of questions, try to record what you say, and provide you with information that may or may not be correct. They may even steer you into making decisions or statements that will hurt your case. If you start on the wrong foot, you are more likely to make mistakes and encounter pitfalls. Some mistakes are not fixable. Some mistakes take a lot of work to fix.

Common Reasons a Personal Injury Insurance Claim May Be Denied

There are plenty of reasons why the at-fault driver’s insurance company may have denied your car accident insurance claim.

Usually, the reasons fall into one of two main categories. Either the insurer’s claims adjuster believes your claim lacks merit, or the insurer simply hopes you will not pursue the claims process further. The adjuster also may be relying on an eyewitness. Or it is choosing to believe its insureds version of what happened in the absence of an official police report. Also, if there is a police report and the officer reports that who was at fault is undeterminable, then the insurer’s claim adjuster may also deny your claim.

A common tactic of insurance companies to save money is to deny claims, even when they are valid. When this happens, you should immediately contact a personal injury attorney who is not afraid to go up against the big insurance companies. Other possible reasons for a claim denial by the other party’s insurance company include:

  • They blame you for all or part of the car collision
  • The at fault driver was an unauthorized user
  • The policy has lapsed
  • You were not actually injured
  • You delayed seeking medical treatment, so you are not severely injured
  • Arguing that you are pursuing damages for a preexisting condition
  • Asserting that you failed to mitigate damages
  • You missed the deadline to file a bodily injury claim
  • The only way to combat these denials is to gather evidence that supports your claim. That might include expert opinions, police reports, eyewitness statements, and evidence from the scene. You will also need medical records and bills to prove your injuries.

Steps to Take After an Insurance Claim Denial

If you have received an insurance claim denial, you will need to hire an auto accident attorney if you choose to fight the denial. After all, auto insurers make a profit by taking in more money in premiums than they pay out in claims. A claim presented by a personal injury lawyer, however, will usually carry more weight. It may be taken more seriously by the insurance adjuster.

Your attorney might first draft a demand letter. A demand letter is a more formal claim for compensation. It details:

  • Your side of the story
  • The dollar amount of the vehicle damage and/or bodily injuries sustained in the auto accident
  • Why the other driver was the at-fault party

The insurance company will most likely provide a specific reason why the claim was denied. Or it will reverse its decision outright. It also may offer just a portion of the damages demanded.

If the insurance company does immediately deny your personal injury claim, you still have options. Take the following steps to protect yourself:

  1. Call an experienced Baltimore personal injury attorney
  2. Keep all your correspondence to and from the insurance company
  3. Maintain a record of all medical treatment, lost wages, and other damages
  4. Collect information to support your claim

Insurance claims are not always easy to navigate. If the insurance company disputes your claim, you should immediately contact the Law Offices of Larry B. Litt. We have helped countless victims like you recover the money you deserve.

When you call our law office, you will speak directly with someone who is familiar with insurance denials. We understand how these insurance companies operate and we are here to protect your rights.

Dealing with Bad Faith Insurance Practices

Bad faith practices by an insurance company might manifest in several ways. These include:

  • Unreasonable delay in handling your claim
  • Denying a claim without a valid reason
  • Not conducting a fair and thorough investigation into the car accident

If you believe the insurance company is acting in bad faith, your attorney might take steps to file a bad faith claim on your behalf. Successful bad faith claims can result in the court awarding you additional damages beyond what was initially claimed. This is a way to penalize the insurance company for their behavior. In some cases, this may also include legal fees and interest on unpaid benefits.

Maryland Personal Injury Statute of Limitations

In Maryland, you have three years from the date of the auto accident to file a personal injury claim or lawsuit. If you do not meet that deadline, your claim will likely be denied, and forever barred no matter how strong it is.

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Car accidents are never pleasant, whether they result in catastrophic injury or just a scratched bumper. But if the other at-fault driver’s car insurance company denies your claim, things can go from bad to worse. One way to navigate these complex procedures and interactions with insurance companies is to enlist the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer. They can be your advocate, advising you on the best course of action, negotiating with insurance companies on your behalf, and ensuring that your rights are protected.

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