How Do I Maximize My Car Accident Settlement?

Insurance companies will often pressure you to settle quickly. Do not settle immediately. It is never in your best interest to settle quickly. Insurance providers will try to settle fast with you to keep their cost low and profits high.

A qualified car accident lawyer is the best front-line defense and tool when negotiating with insurance companies. Without someone on your side, helping to guide you through the process, insurers will likely attempt to take advantage of your limited experience. We strongly suggest that you speak to a car accident attorney if you feel that your insurance company is not offering fair compensation. Most car accident lawyers, like us, offer free accident case reviews.

When you or a loved one have been involved in a car accident, the days afterward can be difficult. If anyone was critically injured, the complications can be infinitely more severe. It is imperative that you understand the basics of how to negotiate your auto accident settlement with the insurance company.

A car accident settlement will include all your injuries, the pain and suffering you endured, and other losses like damage to your car and unearned wages. Car accident settlement’s compound all these points and more, creating a complicated situation.

Many insurance providers specifically shape the settlement process a daunting challenge. It is possible to reach a fair settlement while preparing your argument yourself, but it is infinitely harder. This is where motivated, experienced car accident lawyer can make all the difference.

If you have been involved in a car accident, you could be forced to deal with painful injuries, costly medical expenses, unpaid time off work, and other losses you never anticipated or prepared for. That is why it is vital to maximize the amount you receive in a settlement to ensure that you do not struggle to rebuild your life and move on from the crash. Here are some helpful tips on how to maximize your car accident compensation. Let us get started!

Stay at the scene of the accident.

Under Maryland law, it is a criminal offense to leave the scene of an accident where injuries, property damage, or death occur. Your first stop should be to call 911. Always report the scene of any accident that you are involved in, wait until the police arrive, and provide information about the incident. Do not leave until they tell you it is okay to do so. The police need time to gather evidence, document the scene, and ask questions.

Gather and preserve evidence.

When learning how to get the most money for a car accident, remember that the minutes and hours following a car accident are critical for building your case. If possible, take pictures of videos of the accident from as many possible vantage points of the accident scene right away. Remember to speak to any witnesses to secure their accounts. Take down their names and contact information so that you can contact them if you need their testimony or witness statement. This can help you rectify any possible errors on the office police report. When you are gathering evidence, be sure not to interfere with the work of first responders. Take as many pictures as possible, not only of the damage to your car but of the other vehicles involved in the crash and the surrounding areas. You never know what types of critical evidence may show up in your photos.

Seek more photo or video evidence.

If you have been involved in a car accident or other incident, look for video footage that may have been caught by traffic or security cameras. Examine the location where the incident occurred to locate any available footage. Notify someone who can preserve the footage before it gets deleted, if possible.

Write down contact information as soon as possible.

If someone commits a hit and run, and you are unable to obtain their information, you might not be able to receive additional damages beyond what your own insurance coverage can provide. That is why you should take down any names, contact information, and vehicle details as soon as
possible. If an offender leaves the scene directly after causing an accident, you might be able to talk to witnesses and obtain vehicle details that way.

A reminder: When gathering information, do not speak to others about any fault for the accident or admit to having contributed to the incident. No matter who innocent the statement might seem, insurance companies and lawyers can use your words against you.

Seek medical attention and assess the full extent of your injuries.

The more severe the injury, the more compensation you may be entitled to receive. As soon as possible, schedule a visit to a doctor to get any necessary tests done. Your medical records will be used to determine how much compensation you may be entitled to receive.

When you are involved in a less severe car accident, you may choose to go home without medical treatment. However, this is usually a grave mistake. Ambulances are typically reserved for higher-risk cases, which means some people might not get the treatment they need unless they call an ambulance themselves. If you are feeling very dizzy or lightheaded after the accident, it is wise to check yourself into a hospital as soon as possible.

The entire claims process in a car accident case relies on proving the accident caused your injuries. Medical documentation of your injuries is needed to prove just how injured you were in the accident. You should be aware that not all injuries are apparent right away. Listen to your body and seek care if you think something is wrong.

Many types of life-threatening injuries in a car accident do not show symptoms until hours or days after the collision. If you go untreated, it can be hard or impossible to substantiate the connection between the crash and your injury. A medical professional should be contacted immediately after any type or traffic collision to protect your health and legal rights.

Report the accident to your insurance company.

No matter who caused the crash, it is important to report the accident to your insurance company. By reporting the car accident, you can ensure that your car damage is documented, and your injuries are noted. Failure to report the accident could result in a cancellation of your auto insurance or loss of other legal rights.

Try to avoid jumping at the first offer you receive.

Personal injury cases take time, sometimes years, so do not limit the damages you might be entitled to by taking a lowball offer.

The first offer you receive from the insurance company is most likely way below what is required for your treatment and other damages. Be patient. If you can afford to wait for a better offer or seek damages through litigation, do it.


If you have received a settlement offer from an insurance company, we highly recommend you NOT to take the initial offer Speaking with an experienced car accident and personal injury lawyer is in your best interest. A lawyer has the experience and training necessary to determine if you are receiving a fair deal. Always consult with legal counsel when talking to the insurance companies. If you are currently going through a similar situation, contact the experienced car accident injury lawyers at the Law Offices of Larry B. Litt. Our team of legal experts are prepared to get you the justice and fair compensation that you deserve. We ask nothing upfront and offer FREE consultations to look over your case. We take no fee unless you win. To speak with one of our attorneys, contact us today at 443-844-1528.